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Unit Graph

Each collection of units has a unit graph, such as the one below. It also contains some controls

You can zoom in on the graph, drag nodes around, or double click a unit to bring up its own page

Clicking a node once allows you to select (highlight) it. Select multiple nodes by holding down control (or long-pressing on touch screens)

Purple nodes are regular units for completion. Orange nodes belong to an optional group of units (see the course handbook for details).
Gray nodes are 'external' (not in this course of study). These are by default hidden in course graphs, but can be toggled with the buttons below.
Red nodes are rare - they represent units that are malformed in the Curtin Course handbook (CHEM3006, for example).

Example for MDDU-MXNCS (Mechatronic Engineering Honours and Computer Science Double Degree Major (BEng Hons/BSc))